Michael was first exposed to agriculture after moving to California’s Mendocino County in 1972, by helping a friend on his family farm in Ukiah, where he raised pears, prunes, and grapes. Eventually an opportunity arose to move to Napa as a vineyard supervisor of a large agricultural development in Pope Valley. In 1994, following years of experience with every aspect of vineyard development and production, Mike was offered a job in Napa managing 500 acres for Beckstoffer Vineyards. This position provided not only the chance to farm some exceptional vineyards, but also to introduce Mike to many of the valley’s top winemakers.

Michael Wolf Vineyard Services has provided farming services for vineyards such as Scarecrow, Meteor, Vine Hill Ranch, Kelly Fleming, Quixote, Lindstrom, Arrow and Branch. Their cleints sell fruit to Harlan, Etude, Melka, Behens Family, Drinkward Pescheon, Cakebread, and Favia among many others.