Stagecoach Vineyards Oakville: world-famous wine estate

Located in Oakville, Stagecoach Vineyards is a world-famous wine estate that might be called the last frontier of the Napa Valley, The rugged vineyard is fragrant with wild herbs and dotted with rare native plants. It is here that the Krupp brothers, Jan and Bart, have excavated over a billion pounds of basalt, andesite, and tufa boulders to create this remarkable property. There is a plentiful water source that endows the land with just the right amount of natural irrigation. 

Over the past two decades, 600 acres of vines have been planted in 175 uniquely individual blocks among four designated regions. The land is so dramatic that each day the Krupp team is prepared for a new discovery. Stagecoach Vineyards continues to be a marvel of nature and human ingenuity.